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As a leading agent in serving the needs of the leisure and catering industry, we offer access to luxurious brands, professional equipment, innovative appliances and eco supplies. We search the world to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Helping You Look After Your Guests

The look and feel define the very league in which a hotel operates. The distinct style forms the centrepiece of your guests’ experience. Offering in-house functions and conference facilities not only builds prestige in the business world but also helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance. That little extra touch of splendour, by allowing your guests to take full advantage of the spa to relax and fully enjoy their stay.

By working with experienced suppliers and the best industry brands, we source and deliver luxurious and high-quality goods; from toiletries to furniture, appliances and safe-to-use housekeeping products. We also source the necessary lighting, audio, video and physical security equipment.

A boutique hotel or a large leisure centre, our team is happy to assist with your shopping list.

Our Goal

Delivering Beyond Your Expectations

Every business and every project has its own requirements. To meet that demand, we offer you our tailored approach to suit your individual needs. Our procurement experts work as an extension of your team, helping to maintain high quality and improve on lead time.









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With quick and guaranteed deliveries, in cooperation with our global network of suppliers, we will help your brand to grow and become a leader.

Let us look after you, so you can relax and take care of your quests. Our team is at your full disposal 24/7 to ensure you will never run out of supplies.

Clean Water

Legionella Treatments

We offer Hydrogen Silver Peroxide (HSP) as a professional water treatment product which has proven efficacy in controlling Legionella in water distribution systems. Biocide contains hydrogen peroxide boosted with silver nitrate and phosphoric acid. The positively charged silver ion is drawn to bacteria, boosting the exposure of that bacteria to the peroxide. The product reacts with organic matter by breaking apart cell walls, damaging its DNA and enzymes to eventually destroy it. Ionic silver also assists in the disinfection process. The HSP breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no harmful residues or odours.


What Incoterms do you offer?

Incoterms are dictated by you. We organise everything as requested, per your project spec and business requirements.

Is there a warranty for offered products?

We only offer new products that come with a manufacturer's warranty. Some OEMs offer extended warranty for additional price and if that's the case our team will inform you about such a possibility.

How quickly can you provide us with a proposal?

All proposals/bid offers are prepared within 24 hours from receipt of a vendor's quote. If your enquiry is urgent, please make our staff aware.

Can you provide a Certificate of Origin?

Yes. The Certificate of Origin can be obtained if required. Please make our team aware of the documentation you require.

Do you provide certificates for your products?

Where applicable material, test and warranty certifications are obtained from OEMs. We can request a Factory Certificate of Conformity and other documentation per your requirement. Please let our team know what you need.

What's the lead time for my delivery?

Both: the lead time for the products and delivery time are always stated in our proposals. The delivery time varies from country to country and customs clearance time. Our team will keep you informed about your order status every step of the way.

Is my cargo insured?

We only work with certified and trusted logistics companies and approved local couriers. All companies are insured and if additional insurance is required, we will inform you at the sourcing stage. 

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