Emergency Response

We provide a comprehensive range of essential tools and equipment for emergency professionals, rescue teams and security personnel, tailored for search, rescue, defence and firefighting.

Confidence Is Paramount

Being a specialist means understanding the specific risks and dangers associated with challenging environments. This also carries a heavy responsibility for those around you. Trusting your team, skills, safety protocols and foremost having confidence in equipment is crucial for the success of your search and rescue mission, incident recovery or mitigating risks and preventing potential events. We simply help you to build this confidence and take proactive steps in protecting your team while saving those in need by supplying goods from experienced and trusted manufacturers.

Whether you provide security, search and rescue services or protect people in high-risk industries like mining, marine, energy and chemical production, we have your back. We provide equipment and tools necessary to safeguard lives in hazardous conditions with poor oxygen levels, electrical hazards, contaminants, toxic gases, no natural light or ventilation, explosive gases, extreme temperatures or areas not intended for human inhabitation.

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We are on a mission to simplify procurement, make it cost-effective and time-efficient for specialised teams like yours. Our team sources and delivers a wide range of high-tech equipment built around specific risks you are facing.


We specialise in the delivery of non-lethal equipment for rapid deployment for teams exposed to changing conditions and challenging landscapes. Our network of manufacturers offers expert advice and specialised defence products to protect people, vehicles and perimeter. For your operatives’ safety and comfort, we deliver PPE, Shelters, Load Carry, Medical Equipment, Metal Detectors, Body Cameras, Surveillance Equipment and much more.

Body Protection


Body Protection

Specialised PPE

Body Protection

Body Armours

Load Carriers


Body Protection

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Body Protection

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With quick and guaranteed deliveries, in cooperation with our global network of suppliers, we will help you to complete the works within the budget and on time.

Let us worry about procurement and logistics, so you can take care of your projects. Our buyers are at your full disposal 24/7 to ensure you will receive supplies as scheduled.

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