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Our wide range of suppliers with many years of experience in their industries, guarantees the highest quality assortment tailored to fulfil your needs.

For our clients

Easy-To-Use Service That Makes A Difference

We source, procure and deliver in time high-quality products, manufactured in various parts of the world.

Our global network of buyers has hundreds of years of combined experience across various sectors and industries. We re-engage existing suppliers or search the market for new providers as required.

Our cost optimisation strategy ensures you not only do more with your budget but also achieve business efficiencies and create opportunities for innovation.


Reliable Service You Can Trust  

Today’s complex production and successful operations completion depends on the timely and cost-effective supply of a wide range of goods. We are a one-stop shop for global supplies of top-quality products. Sourcing from the best international and local manufacturers to meet your business needs and fully comply with project specifications.

We ensure all supplied goods arrive with a complete set of required documentation, packed appropriately to minimize the risk of damage during transit. With timely prepared shipping documentation, we guarantee smooth and hassle free delivery.

Our Goal

Deliver Beyond Our Customers’ Expectations

Every business and every project has its own requirements. To meet that demand, we offer you our tailored approach to suit your individual needs. Our procurement experts work as an extension of your team, helping to lower costs and drive the best possible lead time for delivery.


Saving & Investment

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Together We Build The Future

We focus on sustainability and long-term partnerships, that’s why we base our business on true collaboration with our suppliers.
Join our business Family so together we can create value for our customers.


What Incoterms do you offer?

Incoterms are dictated by you. We organise everything as requested, per your project spec and business requirements.

Is there a warranty for offered products?

We only offer new products that come with a manufacturer's warranty. Some OEMs offer extended warranty for additional price and if that's the case our team will inform you about such a possibility.

How quickly can you provide us with a proposal?

All proposals/bid offers are prepared within 24 hours from receipt of a vendor's quote. If your enquiry is urgent, please make our staff aware.

Can you provide a Certificate of Origin?

Yes. The Certificate of Origin can be obtained if required. Please make our team aware of the documentation you require.

Do you provide certificates for your products?

Where applicable material, test and warranty certifications are obtained from OEMs. We can request a Factory Certificate of Conformity and other documentation per your requirement. Please let our team know what you need.

What's the lead time for my delivery?

Both: the lead time for the products and delivery time are always stated in our proposals. The delivery time varies from country to country and customs clearance time. Our team will keep you informed about your order status every step of the way.

Is my cargo insured?

We only work with certified and trusted logistics companies and approved local couriers. All companies are insured and if additional insurance is required, we will inform you at the sourcing stage. 

Your Supplies In Safe Hands

The Cubik (Glasgow) Ltd

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HQ Office: 48 West George Street, G2 1BP, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

EU Office:  Czestochowa, POLAND

For global calls, we use:
0044 7735 634 869