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When it comes to delivery of premium products, we are your trusted partner. Our wide network of suppliers with many years of experience in their industries, guarantees the highest quality assortment tailored to fulfil your needs.

What we offer?

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No other service provider knows the world of business like we do.
With our “can-do” attitude built on innovative thinking, we become your trusted sales agent and sourcing partner. We provide intelligent, sustainable, tailored support with open two-way communication.

We leverage and combine our industry knowledge and Finance expertise with Customs know-how to keep your business going.

When you partner with us, not only you can count on our brokerage skills and advice, but we also help you to resolve your logistics challenges, including export documentation, on-site deliveries and assets security.

Our Goal

Deliver Beyond Your Expectations

To allow cogs to spin, wheels to turn and power to flow.  With an emphasis on efficiency and safety, we source the necessary components to get the production going, spares to reduce downtime and innovative solutions to help maintain critical equipment in operation.

With the support of trusted logistics partners, we deliver the required equipment, materials & tools to your site, wherever you might be.

Have we mentioned that we not only procure but also help you to protect tangible and in-tangible assets on your sites? We deliver the necessary equipment to protect people, assets and perimeter.

Why Us?

We Offer Comprehensive Support

Every business wants to ensure its procurement process is secure, free from fraud and cost-efficient. We help you to benefit from strong trading relationships, achieve the best vendor prices and remain compliant to avoid lost customs through fines or damaged reputation.

‍Streamlined Workflow

‍Having in place sourcing support from our team allows you to gain time for staff training and to review and improve workflows and supply chain processes to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the procurement department.

Improved Traceability

We assist you in managing the entire material life cycle and track products from the source of origin to your warehouse of high-risk products. Providing greater insights on manufacturing processes to quickly identify hidden risks, including sub-tier suppliers.

‍Fraud Prevention

To improve bid transparency, we ensure all our vendors have equal access to the project documentation or product scope. This ensures fairness, prevents corruption, encourages inclusivity, and supports the growth of small businesses.

‍Risk Reduction

We take time to understand project requirements to identify and mitigate risks and ensure we comply with legal, fiscal and customs standards and regulations.

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Global Markets

We provide our services worldwide, supporting cross-border business. Assisting all those who are looking to tap into markets with huge potential. From the USA to Asia, we help companies successfully complete their deals to deliver strategic objectives with a positive impact on the bottom line profits.



We Get What
You Need

Good communication helps to smooth the process and makes us stand out against our competition.

We work closely with you to fully understand your requirements and timely answer all the questions you may have and provide guidance to vendors when and as required.

We simply add value because responding to an enquiry should be quick, smooth and follow the same process every time.

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EU Office:  Czestochowa, POLAND

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